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The Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA) was founded in 1996 by Andre Farr along with other notable sports leaders with the assistance of Rev. Jesse Jackson as a solution to bring balanced representation to African-American professional athletes. The BSAA now boasts several hundred members including sports agents who have successfully negotiated over $3 billion in annual salaries and business transactions.

In our quest to further advance BSAA members’ stake in the business of professional athletics and to drive business leadership, the Executive Membership Program was created.


The BSAA Executive Members Program, a collective of top entrepreneurs and business executives, was formed to educate, develop and partner with player representatives, professional athletes, entertainers and the community at-large to create a micro-market economy via mass collaboration. This exclusive club of entrepreneurs articulate, strategize and execute the entrepreneurial goals of professional athletes, entertainers and professional representatives to their mutual benefit.


Over the years the Executive Membership group has grown significantly. It is our mission to meet, establish relationships, and ultimately partner with other successful CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and senior level executives. Our primary goal moving forward is to increase our efforts as an organization to leverage the strength of the BSAA and its members. Our focus continues to be supporting African American-owned businesses that promote real estate development, health and wellness, new job creation, and green initiatives in the minority community. In doing so, it is our belief that a collaborative effort will be set forth to create synergy between the business community and our organization for mutual benefit.


As we promote economic development, the measured success of our efforts will be evident in the successful development and execution of several noteworthy business opportunities in targeted industries throughout the United States and abroad.

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