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The Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA) offers members the unique opportunity to participate in a symbiotic relationship in which members gain access to an exclusive network of sports, entertainment and business professionals. Admission into this private group ensures that members, who are top level executives and industry leaders in their respective markets, have the opportunity to showcase their brand to an exclusive and reciprocal audience. The intention of this showcase is to give members access to new resources and collaborative opportunities from BSAA’s select network. 


The Black Sports Agents Association's (BSAA) goals include determining which actions steps to take in order to reach the short and long-term goals of all members; performing due-diligence in order to eliminate unqualified companies and individuals from providing services to clients; and finally, providing opportunities that can increase education, experience, access and resources.



The benefits of joining the Agent Membership Group include, but are not limited to:

  1.  Association with a prestigious and highly exclusive network with a renowned economic, historical, political, and social impact.

  2. Opportunities to speak at select meetings, seminars, conferences, and specialized events.

  3. Endorsements from an alliance of highly acclaimed executives and entrepreneurs to support new or existing projects and/or business ventures.

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